5º Campeonato mundial Pole Sports

emotionheader_1¡¡Que me pilla el toro!! Llevo queriendo escribir un artículo sobre este campeonato y todo lo que nos puede ofrecer. Pero el verano es una época especialmente complicada (¿por qué todo da más pereza? ;)) y de momento me conformo con avisarte de que sí, ya está aquí, ¡¡es este fin de semana!! (y mira que Isa De Pablo me avisó con tiempo… ¡gracias Isa!)

Este fin de semana tiene lugar el campeonato mundial de Pole Sport, un evento que seguro que nos va a dejar vídeos que valdrá la pena ver una y otra vez. Aquí se van a batir l@s mejores y el cartel tiene muy buena pinta.

Como me espera un ceviche en una terracita frente al mar no me queda otra que copiaros lo que la IPSF nos cuenta sobre el campeonato que se va a celebrar en el Palacio de Cristal de Londres.

Espero que te apañes con el inglés, en cuanto tenga un momento yo misma cometeré la osadía de atreverme a traducirlo 🙂

What you can expect to see at WPSC 2016!

  • Breath taking, gravity defying tricks and sensational feats of athleticism by Elite Pole Stars from all around the world! Men, women, doubles, children, seniors all ranging in ages from 10 to 70 years old, competing in each of their categories for the GOLD MEDAL and the title of WORLD POLE SPORTS CHAMPION.
  • Swing Pole/Pendulum Pole performance in the Evolution of Pole Exhibition! GymPole creator, Veronika Rehova from the Czech Republic, who is one half of the 2015 Doubles World Champion Team, will be performing on a famously innovative apparatus which is currently all the rage in the Pole and Aerial industry.
  • Deb Roach, one-armed Para-Pole sensation, to perform in the Diversity in Pole Exhibition in preparation for the debut of the much anticipated Para Pole category for next year’s 2017 WPSC!
  • Debut of the much anticipated and thrilling new ULTRA POLE! This avant-garde, intense, new discipline is a higher octane version of Pole, more akin to the extreme sports you might see at the X-games, and will feature Ultimate Trick Battles where athletes trick out against other competitors in battle style rounds landing on the cutting edge of the sport attracting a feverish new fan base and the most radical athletes yet. “As the umbrella organisation of all of Pole, the IPSF has fully embraced that, like every sport, we must always continue to evolve, and in that light, we will introduce exciting new disciplines over the next few years, giving Pole the edge it needs to work alongside other well-known and established sports,” says IPSF President, Katie Coates. And Stephen Fox, President of AIMS, a member of the IOC, agrees with the IPSF’s stance, saying, “In my eyes, you have big credibility [as a sport]” and goes on further to say that, “it’s a new generation” and “Pole Sport, it’s a new sport, we must move with the times.”
  • Felipe Mendoza of Chile, the reigning World Champion for 2 consecutive years, goes for the THREE-PEAT representing one of the most acrobatic Pole Sports categories and hottest topics, Men in Pole!
  • The fastest growing and most controversial category in Pole Sports, kids age 10-14, defy the mainstream and artfully flaunt the future of this rapidly evolving revolutionary sport! As IPSF President, Katie Coates, says, “Children in Pole Sports is a priority for the continued growth of our sport as they are the Pole Sports champions of the future.”

This weekend long extravaganza will feature all of this and more with over 150 elite athletes from 4 continents. The WPSC is the largest pole sporting event with 3,000 athletes competing across the globe for a coveted entry into the prestigious World Championships. The IPSF currently governs more than 25 National Federations and officially endorsed competitions and is growing so rapidly that it will boast over 40 by the end of the year. And this year alone, more than 30 countries from all over the world, will be represented in the WPSC, all competing for the national honor of bringing home the World Pole Sports Champion.
You don’t want to miss this pinnacle of Pole Sports event! And this is the last time it will be in the UK because due to unprecedented growth and demand, the IPSF takes the WPSC global starting next year! Come see the world’s most electrifying Pole Sports athletes and the most innovative new phenomenon sweeping the world by storm! WPSC and World Pole Weekend promises an exciting all-ages, family-friendly sporting extravaganza bursting at the seams with the spirit of athletic evolution!

Habrá que prestar atención este fin de semana a las redes sociales. ¡¡Estoy segura de que se van a llenar de vídeos espectaculares e increíbles!!



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